During the colder months (which are officially be behind us, thank goodness), I always think of getting dressed as a kind of fun game. In particular, I love playing with layers and mixing up all different neutrals and textures until I’ve reached the point where I look a little like Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. Now that the temperatures have risen, however, it’s definitely been a challenge to rid myself of all these extra layers and textures. I’ve never been good at dressing simplistically and practically without look a bit boring, until I stumbled upon this Fashionista.

She is wearing a green long sleeved romper with brown sandals and a blue bag. She kept her jewelry minimal with a simple silver necklace and a braid in her hair that gave her look an extra touch of boho. What I loved most about her outfit was that she wasn’t afraid to play with a print. I’ll be the first to admit it—prints can be tricky. You might be thinking, “What’s so difficult about putting a floral or polka-dotted shirt on your body?” But it’s a matter of picking the right print, which is something that’s not too overwhelming but not too subtle all while being specific to your personal style.

One thing that’s great about a print is that it detracts from the fact that you’re not necessarily wearing a ton of clothing. This Fashionista’s clothing consisted of just one piece, but she didn’t feel the need to layer or add anything extra. That’s because the print on the romper almost serves as its own accessory. Prints complete an outfit by adding a focal point that ties everything together. Plus, they’re super pretty and add a fresh, summery feel to a look, just as this Fashionista’s floral print did.

If you’re ready to cut back on clothing because of higher temperatures, luckily there are lots of places to get your hands on a gorgeous printed piece. This dress from Madewell is simple with the perfect springtime print. You could also check out this dress from Aritzia which has a super fresh floral and will go great with your favorite pair of sandals. And if you’re a romper girl, just like this Fashionista, Urban Outfitters has you covered.

So, Fashionistas, if you’ve been having a tricky time getting into the groove of dressing for spring, take it easy and start out with a printed piece. That way, all the work is done for you and you still look adorable—what could be better?

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’ve been loving shorts and skirts. And lots of sandals!”

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