Since it’s spring, we obviously have to whip out all our pastels. It’s just what you do in the spring, right? Lavender, light pink and all the “sorbet colors” are splashed on every new piece of clothing you can buy now. But what are some new ways that you can wear this color without looking like everyone else? This Fashionista shows us how to rock a crazy pastel pixie cut for spring!

I spotted this Fashionista wearing a long navy blue cardigan with cream colored sweater, which she paired with black skinny jeans, leather loafers and a leather tote and an oversized light pink scarf. Her hair is short, dyed light lavender, with her roots exposed. We’ve been seeing celebrities dying their hair every other day, choosing these wonderful colorful hues, but it’s hard to actually take the daring leap and do it. This Fashionista did a really good job working her hair color into her outfit by just simply following a similar color palette as her wardrobe. She mentioned that she typically dresses in black, whites and neutrals, so for her, this color really worked with her outfits rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Pastel hair colors have become a pretty edgy and daring trend. I can definitely relate to feeling leery about dying my hair (especially considering I’m already a natural redhead), but luckily for you blondes out there, drugstores offer simpler solution if you want to try this trend. There are temporary dyes, sprays and “hair chalk” that will let you get the color that you want, but for only a few days. For those who have darker hair, Kylie Jenner came out with several kinds of hair extensions that can clip into your hair for a similar effect.

Whether you want to dye your hair or try the temporary method, testing out the pastel hair is a really fun and edgy look that could be fun to try this spring!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I mostly dress in black and white, so it’s pretty easy to get ready every morning for class!”