April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Let’s be honest; some of us may have owned a poncho back in elementary school. After a brief time where ponchos seemed non-existent in the fashion world, they are back in style and are more fashionable than ever. Take a few tips from this Fashionista on how to style this comfortable, chic trend.

I spotted this Fashionista in the dining hall with her poncho and knew that I had to write about her outfit. I love the unique pattern on her poncho. It serves as the focal point of her outfit. The cream and black color combination is great for a college student because she can easily wear this to an internship, a class or a meeting. It’s also versatile for different seasons. In spring, she doesn’t need many layers for this look, but if it were fall or winter, she can add a long sleeve top underneath her poncho to stay warm.

Keeping your outfit consistent with colors is important. For example, wearing a cream and black poncho with black denim and black boots shows color consistency. However, you can add an accent color like this Fashionista and wear a bold, red top underneath that stands out against a neutral-based outfit. Just make sure your colors are complementary, and you’re good to go.

When shopping for a poncho, don’t feel discouraged. There is a chance the first one you try on might not be the right length or fit for you. Just like finding the right pair of denim jeans, it takes time and effort. One good aspect about wearing a poncho is its variety in styles, materials and patterns. Take your time when shopping as you explore your options for your perfect poncho.

How To: After finding your poncho, layer a bold top underneath that will stand out. Pair dark or black denim with neutral boots or flats. Add a simple necklace or a few stacked bracelets to complete this look.