June 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

Throughout my lifelong fashion evolution, the one style I can’t seem to nail down is the preppy polished look. In my less than two decades of life, I’ve been a tomboy, a girly girl and a grunge addict, but never a preppy girl. Monogrammed blazers, stiff button-ups and plaid skirts always seemed like a bit much, but this Fashionisto shows just how simple it is to fake the preppy look with just a few simple tricks.

The first step: learn to layer! Wearing a button-down under a sweater instantly elevates the look, and makes the sweater seem a lot fancier than it actually is. Opting for a clean colored collar shirt makes the outfit look chic, but you can also choose a patterned button-down to show off your personal style. Letting the hem of the shirt peek out beneath the sweater keeps the outfit casual. If you get too hot you can take off the sweater and you’ll still have a polished look with just the button-down.

Step two: cuff your pants! Cuffing your pants prevents the fabric from looking baggy, which will make you sloppy and bottom heavy. Preppy male fashion is all about well-fitting garments! Going with a pair of jeans ensures that you don’t look too formal while the slim fit and rolled hems make the jeans seem less, well, like jeans. Cuffing the pant hem shows that you really care about the way you look.

A pair of neutral slip-on shoes match the color palette of the sweater and button-down, tying the whole look together. All it takes is a little tweaking and your outfit can be Gossip Girl ready.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s never bad to overdress, you’ll just stand out even more.”