There is nothing chicer than wearing all-black. If you ever need an outfit quick or are stumped on what to wear, black is an easy choice because virtually every black item goes together. After all, black goes with everything, is insanely flattering and gives you a clean slate to build the rest of your outfit up with interesting accessories. While wearing all-black is a chic look in itself, it can be fun to add a pop of color into the outfit to really make things exciting.

This Fashionista showcases the trend well. This Fashionista stunned in an all-black outfit pairing a basic black shirt with a leather skirt and sheer tights. The leather skirt, along with her long black chain necklace, adds texture into the outfit, while her metallic combat boots add dimension. Putting a green army jacket over everything makes the outfit more casual because the leather skirt and shiny shoes can also be worn during a fun night out. The standout accessory in this Fashionista’s outfit, however, is her bright blue cross-body bag.

Adding a pop of color into a monochromatic outfit, no matter the color, is always a good idea. Because things can get a bit dull when wearing a monochromatic outfit, injecting an unexpected pop of color is a refreshing statement. Some colors don’t go well with others (purple and orange anyone?), but virtually any color goes well with black (one of its great perks), which makes it the easiest way to exhibit the “pop of color” trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Adding a statement color into a monochromatic outfit takes the outfit to a whole other level. A fun way to inject a pop of color is through accessories like shoes, purses, jewelry or even makeup!”