May 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

Sometimes being a kid at heart just isn’t enough to express a Fashionista’s playful way of life. A fun outfit can definitely show off her youthful side, but how does a Fashionista maintain a mature look at the same time? She is a university student, after all. The answer is simple, and it’s very trendy as well. It’s the playsuit.

Originally designed as flexible and comfortable clothing for children, the playsuit has been included in the womens’ ready-to-wear repertoire since the 1930s, and it started right here in New York. Playsuits are also known as rompers or shortalls, but they’re all made from comfortable and/or stretchy fabrics like silk or jersey material, and cinch at the natural waist to emphasize the female figure. Basically, this isn’t your baby sister’s outfit.

Playsuits are typically designed in two varieties: one as shorts and one as a skirt. While the former can be styled to look sophisticated, as seen here, many playsuits of the shorts variety tend to be more casual. This Fashionista rocks a “flirty, skirt-y and thriving”—to misquote Jennifer Garner’s character in 13 Going on 30—piece that steps up her outfit game from 1980s Jenna Rink to her fabulous 2004 counterpart.

This Fashionista’s style works to be professional in various ways. The skirt’s hemline and length emphasize her long legs. Black platform sandals give her the advantage of extra height, further highlighting this feature. The playsuit’s elastic waistline functions with the fit of the rest of the top; it cinches in at the waist but is flowy and loose everywhere else. Finally, a classic black and white pattern shows this Fashionista’s boss that she means business.

Let’s not forget a Fashionista/o’s most important accessory: confidence. This Fashionista looks great and knows it. Just look at her fearless stance! With a killer outfit supplemented by attitude, a Fashionista/o can accomplish anything, whether it’s rocking out to “Thriller” or killing it at a presentation for Poise magazine.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to feel comfortable and free in clothes, particularly pieces that look great and are transitional. I love an outfit that I can wear to meetings and to class, and it works for both.”