Minnesota is in a bit of a climate confusion at the moment, leaving students just as confused, especially when it comes to picking out an outfit for class. In the middle of December, temperatures are still in the upper 40’s, and there is not an ounce of snow on the ground. This means there is, currently, no need for those thick, oversized jackets and winter proof boots, allowing Minnesotans a bit more time to wear their favorite fashionable fall pieces.

When I spotted this Fashionisto, I loved his casual, daytime look. The colors in his outfit and the combination of pieces created a look that was perfect for the fall like temperatures.

He is rocking a blue, yellow and white button-down, which he chose to button up all the way—super stylish! He paired his casual button-down with some dark wash skinny jeans, creating a nice contrast between the blues. He did not tuck in his shirt, which kept the look more relaxed and perfect for a long day at school. To complete the look, he wore a pair of tan, lace-up boots that also contrast perfectly with his top and with the darker wash of the jeans.

As a final touch, he is rocking a pair of glasses, a must-have for any studious and super chic Fashionisto. So just because Minnesota is in a climate confusion at the moment does not mean we have to be in one with our wardrobes. Take note from this Fashionisto when planning a wintertime outfit in the fall like temperatures.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it casual, and know that you can always wear your favorite pieces all year long. It just depends on what you pair it with.”