STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Perfection In Pattern

Trying out new things when it comes to style is one of the greatest things. There are endless opportunities of style, shape, pattern, texture and pretty much anything you can think of. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to pull something a little more funky off can be nerve racking.

I spotted this Fashionista and fell in love with her ensemble. She decided to be a little different for the day ahead of her and throw on a snakeskin patterned blouse. I have never seen this print worn this way around campus before, and it could not be more chic. Her outfit is very casual and laid back with her dark-wash blue jeans, tan knee-high boots and a black infinity scarf. The pop of texture and pattern was so unexpected in such a simple outfit, but it really made all the difference. The snakeskin dresses up the casualness of the outfit without going over the top, showing her personal eye for style. The mix of color within her blouse is very vibrant and light, perfect for the warmer weather ahead of us.

Sometimes pattern and texture can change your entire look. Pattern adds a pop of excitement and definitely stands out in a crowd. It shows you are not afraid to try new things and break away from easy solid go-to colors. Face it, we all know we have at least one or two.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I used to wear only solid colors because I thought it was what I felt most comfortable in. After breaking out of my shell and trying on funky textures and patterns, I cannot get enough! Do not be afraid to try new things, this is what style is all about.”