Some of my favorite street style looks are monochromatic. It takes some gusto to be able to put together, for example, an all-white or all-red look. Some colors are easier to work with, making the look more mellow than striking. This Fashionista sports a sneaky and versatile version of monochrome, incorporating a clever twist to make it more campus friendly.

She wears almost all blue, broken up with a little black via a basic tank top. The blue is soft but enough to make a statement. She made the smart choice to go with a medallion-printed kimono to top everything off. Patterns are great for adding dimension to outfits, but they also can distract from the overwhelming feeling that wearing one color head to toe can give.

Of course, her kimono is perfectly on-trend; its boho vibes are quite relevant with it still being festival season and with the recent popularity of the ‘70s. Also, it works as the perfect layering piece during this last bit of spring. The weather is always unpredictable in New Jersey, especially during season transition, so layering is always a good idea.

On that note, enjoy the start to summer with a monochromatic look like this Fashionista’s. If feeling bold enough, kick things up a notch and go for a brighter hue to make things shocking in the best way possible.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A breezy top with a pair of shorts for sunny weather is a great go-to outfit.”