STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: (Pastel) Leather Weather

With April showers hopefully in our past, it is time to celebrate the much anticipated May flowers. Blooming flowers are colorful and full of life, so why not have your outfit be too? This Fashionista mixes edgy and dainty with classic pieces to create a flirty look for a spring day or night.

Looking at the focal point of her outfit, our Fashionista’s pastel faux leather jacket is a juxtaposition within itself. The edgy vibes of the jacket’s zippers and rigid structure are contrasted by the light, springtime color. Her patterned dress (a spring staple), in like colors, complements the jacket to create cohesion. You never know when a cool spring day will heat up, so this Fashionista completes her outfit by layering a lacy bralette under her strappy back dress.  A dress and jacket pair is a favorite all year-round; mix and match colors and textures for added depth! Not a fan of wearing dresses all of the time? A leather jacket offers versatility. Paired with a distressed pair of boyfriend jeans or high-waisted shorts, this pastel favorite can spunk up an outfit with a hint of #RAD futuristic style.

The most conventional aspect of the look is our Fashionista’s sneaker dress combo. A pair of white high-tops is a classic touch that dresses the look down. Not to mention that paired with her leather jacket, her shoes add to the outfit’s edgy vibes! High-tops are great to pair with shorts or a dress because they balance out the skin exposure.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t shy away from mixing textures and patterns! Even something as simple as adding a fun lace bralette can add something new and interesting to your outfit!”