When it comes to the winter months, it is undisputed that layers are a girl’s best friend. Between the warm college lecture halls and the East Coast’s chill outdoors, layers not only create a relaxed, comfortable look that is easy to wear inside or out, but they also make any outfit more interesting by adding some much-needed bang to a look.

Are you thinking of adding a few more layers to your next outfit? Always start your look with an easy, lightweight top. I would suggest something simple. Plain, neutral or thinly-striped tops work the best. The next layer should be something soft; pullovers and ponchos are great choices. This Fashionista has worn a baby blue, cashmere V-neck. The texture of the sweater makes the outfit more intriguing, while the deep neckline, with the lace from her tank peeping through, is very feminine and flattering. Next, you need a jacket. I would suggest something dark, like a navy blue, black or olive. The darker colors are flattering and keep all the action in the center framed. Lastly, add a scarf. This Fashionista is wearing an orange, patterned pashmina. The look is cozy, versatile and pretty.

A common misconception is that layering makes you look bigger or bulky. This is just not true. A well-layered look only compliments your shape by creating a balanced, more proportionate profile. Take a cue from this Fashionista, and finish your look with some silver earrings or bracelets.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Choose a palette and run with it! When thinking of your layered look, choose three or four colors and work with them. Too many colors can be distracting and just come off as frumpy. Less is always more.”