It’s time for parachute pants people! The weather is ideal for these light flowy pants. Perfect for dressing up and dressing down an outfit, parachute pants let you feel comfortable and trendy. They can give off so many different styles from bohemian to chic. With the various different ways to work parachute pants, it’s no wonder they are making a huge comeback!

This Fashionista found a great outfit to wear during a breezy spring day. Her high-waisted navy parachute pants set the bohemian tone of her look. To go along with the theme of her outfit, she paired her pants with a long sleeve, white crochet shirt. The length of this top meets her pants at the waist complementing her figure. Her brown, strappy sandals also pair nicely with the bohemian vibe of her outfit. They too meet her pants at the bottom. The brown in her sunglasses matches the earthy tones of her pants and sandals. To me, an outfit is always complete when all aspects of it come together and complement each other.

These pants are comfortable yet cute and are the perfect staple for springtime attire. There are so many types of parachute pants that could work for different occasions. They can be worn to work, a night out on the town and simply going to class! It all depends on what look you are going for and what you pair them with.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love wearing my parachute pants! They are so fun and comfortable to go to class in and walk around campus.”