May 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

In the winter, Chicago’s notorious gales made traversing the streets feel like walking through wind tunnels. Thankfully, spring’s softening of the season has tamed Chicago weather, yielding sunny, blithe afternoons and replacing roaring winds with gentle, refreshing breezes. This lackadaisical climate is the perfect setting for the breezy and ethereal garments of the quintessential spring wardrobe. If you’re envisioning flowing maxi skirts and rippling blouses, you’re on the right track, but did you know pants could also fit into this airy spring aesthetic? You don’t have to think of pants as stiffing and constricting, there are plenty of breezy shapes and silhouettes that can keep you looking and feeling cool all season.

One emerging trend for spring is the palazzo, or by it’s most rudimentary name, the loose, wide-legged pant. Palazzos are the kindred spirit of maxi skirts and dresses, their movement and overall breeziness imbues a sensation of liberation, and their flair for drama has led Palazzos to glide down many spring runways, including Balmain’s 2015 spring ready-to-wear and resort shows. However, the charm of the palazzo is that for its dynamism, it is an accessible garment. A perfectly draped pair glides gracefully over the hips and legs, and its inherent bagginess and typically light fabric makes it the Fashionista’s stylish substitute for sweats or yoga pants, making it a perfect option for a role-out-of-bed-and-go outfit.

At least, that’s what this Fashionista expressed when I approached her about her relaxed yet so offhandedly cool ensemble. The her outfit epitomizes the idea that effortless style is easy enough when you have an arsenal of unique yet conformable pieces that you can mix and match. The tie dyed palazzos are the core of the ensemble. The way they billow in the wind makes for a dramatic strut with those wedge booties. Moreover, the pattern adds interest to the outfit and recalls some of the bohemian tie-dye trends as seen in Pucci’s spring 2015 collection. The Fashionista smartly juxtaposed the abundant silhouette of the pants by pairing them with a crop top, and the thinness of her sheer jacket keeps the outfit as a whole light considering typically such dark colors could weigh the look down.

The variety of possible palazzo and wide legged pant styles out there is diverse, meaning that it is easy enough to adapt the trend to most personal styles. Typically wide-legged pants evoke a very bohemian vibe with vegetal patterns and bright, earthy patterns sure to enchant the free spirit. Conversely, one can find palazzo pants, or even culottes, in more structured fabrics and more streamlined designs that befit a more classic taste. Take a chance on this style in the coming season because you are sure to love how they float and waft gentle breezes over your legs on steamy spring and summer evenings.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stock up on pieces that look really cool but feel like pajamas. That way you’re prepared for anything, be it a class or a nap!”