It doesn’t matter what temperature it is outside or what my plans are for the day, my go-to clothing color is black. The color is basic, slimming and if you spill anything on it, there’s only a slim chance that it will actually show. Even though spring is coming to an end and summer is quickly approaching, the majority of clothes in this Fashionista’s closet are also black.

Transitioning from mostly cold weather to warmer weather is fairly simple. Heavy black clothing can be packed away, however, there’s more in your closet that can stay put than you thought. Lightweight black T-shirts and tank tops are perfect to throw on over a bathing suit or with a pair of shorts. Black jean shorts are also perfect to wear to a casual lunch or out shopping on a warm summer day. This Fashionista has adapted her wardrobe so that she can still wear her favorite color all year-round. She wears breathable, black shirts and jeans in the warmer weather, and when it’s colder, she simply layers up.

Her outfit is super cute and simple. She’s wearing a three-quarter sleeve black shirt, soft black jeans and her signature black Dr. Martens. Although she doesn’t wear much jewelry, she rocks a pair of small silver hoops. The finishing touches to this look are her Ray-Ban sunglasses with the traditional wayfarer frame and a floral phone case. This outfit is easy to replicate and can be worn during any season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Living in New York City, the weather can get pretty unpredictable. Always check the weather before you leave to start your day and if you’re unsure of what to throw on, you can never go wrong with black.”