Mood swings: Something we may (or may not) have all experienced, whether it’s from our friends, family or people we encounter throughout the day. But mood swings from good old Mother Nature are particularly the harshest of them all. One day its warm and we get excited about spring, and the next day we go back into single digits. One will never be able to figure this woman out, but I have found a Fashionista who is not willing to give up her style based in the ever-changing temperatures provided by Mother Nature’s ever-changing moods.

This Fashionista kept it simple and stylish with this black and white, fringe long sleeve poncho sweater. This poncho is a bold statement and provides the ideal amount of warmth for this transitional period of the season. With the poncho sweater, she wore coated leather leggings. The leggings incorporated an added texture to the ensemble, creating depth to the overall look. On her feet, the Fashionista wore flat ankle boots with studs. Not only are these shoes great for many occasions, but they really add an element of flare to the simple outfit! To top it all off, the Fashionista wore a classic black chain wallet bag to hold her essentials as she ran some quick errands throughout the day.

The Fashionista’s outfit sticks it to Mother Nature’s mood swings. Her poncho sweater, coated leggings and stylish ankle boots take on the weather by its horns and are perfect for this temperature-changing part of the season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Each day should be an expression of who you want to be that day.  No day is, ‘the weather was too cold,’ a valid excuse. Put on a fur-lined hat, and deal with it!”