Have enough sweaters to keep up with the “sweater weather?” This Fashionista found the perfect sweater to keep her warm and trendy at the same time. Doing something as simple as slipping on a cardigan can take your outfit from drab to fab, as long as you choose the right one!

While some oversized sweaters can look sloppy, this Fashionista’s open cardigan allows her shape to still be seen. The sweater drapes nicely over her shoulders, resembling a shawl. This style is elegant and chic. This Fashionista paired her charcoal colored sweater with dark wash jeans and tall black riding boots. The consistency of dark colors keep her outfit looking sharp reflects the season well. Also, the dark colored tank top she chose to wear plays a key element. A tank top of a brighter color or one with a busy pattern would have completely taken away from the statement that the sweater makes all on its own. This sweater definitely did not need any help in order to look good!

Minor details help keep this simple outfit trendy. The dangling fringes and the pattern on the sweater give the outfit character without being distracting. This Fashionista wore a black watch and statement necklace to add some shine to this matte look.

To complete her look, this Fashionista kept her makeup natural and her hair straight to add to the simplicity of her overall outfit.

Why is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Oversized sweaters are perfect for the colder weather. This one in particular is pretty much like a big trendy blanket and one of my favorite purchases. It’s hard to dress for style and warmth at the same time, but oversized sweaters never seem to steer me wrong!”