STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Outstanding Outerwear

As the semester draws to a close and final exams loom over the entire student body, it is easy to put fashion on the back burner. There is something to be said about the comfort of wearing your university’s hoodie with some skinny jeans as you fuel up on coffee and study for upcoming tests. However, you can still dress in a fashion-forward way even on your busiest days. Take a page from this Fashionisto’s book and make stylish, comfortable outfit choices so that you can look and feel great even when exams are getting you down.

The right jacket can make all the difference as you cozy up with your textbooks in the library or run out to meet friends for lunch. The key is to find outerwear that is not only comfortable, but has potential to bring an entire outfit together. This Fashionisto chose to wear a denim parka that gave his overall casual look a bit of an edge. He then wore a printed henley shirt and his favorite pair of skinny jeans to help anchor the look. Finally, he tied the entire outfit together with his use of brown leather accessories to match his combat boots. His finished look is casual and relaxed with a twist, giving him the appearance as though he is ready for whatever life throws at him.

The important part about end of the semester style is to wear fashion-forward pieces that you feel like your best self in. Whether that is a denim parka or a leather jacket, the outfit components that will bring you the most comfort during this stressful time are the ones that fit your personal sense of style.