Two unfortunate aspects of winter weather are the rain and snow. During the really dreary winter days, when the skies are sad and clouded, students tend to saunter around campus with long faces. They also absent-mindedly match the weather by dressing in dark tones such as gray, black and navy. For whatever reason, students feel the need to dress according to the weather, which can be practical, if you are wearing rain or snow boots, but why not make those boots a bright, cheerful color? Why not add the joy of color to not only brighten your mood, but your outlook on the whole day? Remember: Look good, feel good.

On a cloudy Friday morning, I spotted this Fashionista traveling through campus in an all black jumpsuit and black opened toed heels, but what took my breath away was the way she paired this all black ensemble with a bright orange-fringed cardigan. This look reminded me of when orange ruled the runway in New York Fashion Week, as seen in the spring 2014 collections by designers such as Diane von Furstenberg and Calvin Klein. Such colorful pieces are not always easy to wear. The trick is to pair a colorful statement piece with dark neutral colors. Don’t forget, orange really is the new black! Get inspired, splash some color into your outfit. When it comes to winter fashion I have three little rules to help you through: be bold, be bright, think color!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “It’s all about comfort for me! The softer it is, the better.”