STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue!

What’s old is new again, right? With records making a comeback, Jim Morrison at the top of your summer playlist and your mom’s vintage bell bottoms dragging through the summer sand, it’s safe to say we all have some interest in a vintage, secondhand lifestyle. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of deals and original finds. Growing up I was showered with hand-me-downs from my sister and her friends. Where most kids my age refused to wear anything that didn’t have an embroidered moose on it, I embraced my diverse wardrobe. I seized the opportunity to not look like everyone else. I appreciated the items of apparel I owned more because it challenged me to work with what I had. As I grew older, I found myself scavenging through thrift stores and consignment shops for odd and unique items. Thrift stores are a great way to transform your closet from season to season without blowing all your money. Although it takes effort to seek out the prized possessions that hide in the uncorrelated racks, it’s always worth it. Who wouldn’t want a pair of Birkenstocks for fifteen dollars AND already broken in!

This Fashionista is a thrift store guru. When asked about her look she talked about her personal style as if it’s effortless. This is shown by minimalistic outfits that allow you to make a statement without overdoing it. While searching through the clothes at a local second hand clothing warehouse, she stumbled upon the blue pants pictured. The pants were originally cropped at the ankles when purchased. She later put her own flare on them by adding elastic to the ends transforming them into a boho-chic, light and airy piece. Paired with a basic tank top, she finishes the look with a contrasting color wrap headband. The tiny elements, like her rook earring and many rings, add a certain flare.

Thrift stores are a beneficial way to get the multiple elements necessary to put together an original look. No two items in such a store are alike, but neither is anyone’s personal style. With an eye for originality and a passion for deals, thrift shopping puts your creativity to the test.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Next time you find yourself searching for an article of clothing, change direction from your local shopping mall and try a thrift store. You might surprise yourself with what you find as well as the bargains giving you quality paired with quantity!”