September 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello again! Hope everyone is getting off to a great start with school so far! I know I am. I am so excited to be back with my second article for CollegeFashionista! Today’s post is going to be all about thrifting. Most people feel that thrifting is only for hipsters or old people—which is completely not true! There are some real hidden gems at the thrift store, it just takes patience and determination to find them. I myself am a novice thrifter, but have been getting more and more into it. Vintage pieces at crazy good prices, sign me up! Not to mention, thrift stores are perfect for us broke college kids. However, I understand that it is not as easy as it sounds to find awesome pieces. I am green with envy at those girls rocking their vintage Levis that they paid $7 for at the thrift store that look identical to the ones I paid $60 for at Urban Outfitters.That’s why you have to look in some unconventional places.

In this Fashionista’s case, she scored this shirt in the button down section of a local repurpose shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Button downs are always a staple—they give off that instant classy vibe that some people take hours to recreate. The fun tropical print on this one gives off a more Hawaii-esque vibe than a nine-to-five vibe, which is perfect as the weather is beginning to change and we need a little sun in our lives. If needed, swap out the jean shorts for some cute boyfriend jeans and add a cute jacket for a more fall appropriate look. Keep the accessories minimal—it’s all about the print! This Fashionista is wearing her usual necklaces—you do not want to over do it. Her super cute sneakers are actually from Ellen DeGeneres’ clothing line (who knew she made clothes?) and add a modern twist on the retro outfit. Once again, keep it simple—the neutral colored shoes put the emphasis back on the colors in her shirt. I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired to go check out the local thrift stores around my school. Happy styling!