STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Next Generation-Chic

We live in a tech obsessed world. It seems like we are putting tech in more and more of our accessories, from our glasses to our watches. These stylized utilities make for great items especially for guys. I always say the easiest accessory for a guy is a smart watch. The phrase “smart” used to mean that it was sophisticated or sleek, now it means your watch has the capability to receive texts, go on the internet and update you on the weather.

I found this Fahionisto heading to an interview. He looked very well put together in a dark blue pullover, which he had on over a white button-down. This is a great look for guys who need to look professional, but are not going to be in an environment that is formal enough for a tie. One major complaint most guys have is that dressy clothes are uncomfortable. This Fashionisto put together a great outfit that is comfortable enough for a long day at the office.

What stood out to me the most about his outfit was his smart watch. While his whole outfit was nice, the watch really added a unique aspect to it. These smart watches have just started to hit the market and this was the first one I saw on my campus. I think it makes for a great addition to almost any outfit, especially when paired with professional work clothes. It gives the whole look a very futuristic and innovative feeling. Personally I would love to see this trend catch on. Who knows what new wearable technology there will be in the future!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you’re going to buy any kind of smart accessory right now, make sure you research it first! It has to be compatible with your phone and with your wardrobe. Smart watches are awesome for both girls and guys because they look great and come in handy!”