In most places, spring is a season of transition. You’re transitioning from winter to summer. Slowly progressing towards shorts and tank tops, sandals and bathing suits. If you’ve ever lived in South Carolina, especially in the middle of the state–Columbia, you are no stranger to spring basically not existing. It’s like the middle child. Y’all know what I’m talking about. There are a few weeks in March and early April when it’s cool and bright. One can wear shorts with a cardigan and even walk outside without sweating. It’s enjoyable. Not long after that nice honeymoon stage, though, the true heat begins to show. It gets hot. Really hot, really fast. But, as a true Fashionista, we know how to take on those “spring” days in the summer heat.

Some girls garden, some girls want a dozen roses from a guy. Then, there’s Fashionista’s who prefer florals in the only sensible way: as prints on their clothing. Florals are great transition pieces that can also be easily taken into summer. The pattern can be kept feminine and girly or it can easily be edged out a little. There are floral prints in neutral colors and bright colors and they’re seen on dresses, shorts, tops and more! They’ve become a must-have this season.

This Fashionista’s floral shorts are the perfect piece during this time of the year. They stand out and are a focal piece in her ensemble of neutrals. It’s that pop of color that makes you think spring while the flow of the shorts tell you it’s hot. She pairs her shorts with a white, cross-stitch top that hits just below the top of the shorts, giving her legs a lot of length. This Fashionista throws a denim button-down over top and a pair of brown booties to give it a twist and add her personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love that florals are popular this spring. They’re so feminine, but can easily be given a twist to fit your own style.”