November 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

The semester is more than halfway over, and it’s safe to assume that everything in your wardrobe is feeling just as tired as you are. Before you settle back into the cozy cocoon of that sweater you’ve been wearing almost every single day (I’m looking at you, oversized white turtleneck), check out this Fashionista! If her expert mix of bold color and unique statement pieces doesn’t kick your mid-fall style slump to the curb, nothing will.

When mastering the art of eclectic mix-and-match looks, follow this Fashionista’s lead and cement your look in classic, staple pieces that you likely already have in your closet. The Fashionista chose a navy blue pleated skirt and a Topshop button-down shirt for the base of her look. Grounding your outfit in the basics allows you to go bold with your additional pieces and accessories without overwhelming the look.

Once you have gathered the basic pieces in your look, you can add fun elements next! The Fashionista upgraded a typical fall style combo of tights and boots with a bold shade of maroon and a bit of ’60s flair in the footwear department. Mixing and matching is all about taking risks, so don’t be afraid of colored tights. Her choice of maroon, together with the navy and cream colors of her skirt and top, gives the overall look a preppy edge—think Blair Waldorf meets art school.

Another key step in creating a look from an unexpected mix of pieces is experimenting with shape and fit. This Fashionista plays with proportion using two fabulous thrift store finds: a beaded cardigan and a unique leather belt. The slightly oversized fit of the cardigan and the structured waistline of the belt create a perfectly balanced shape to finish off the look.

Need a quick breakdown of that mix master class? 1. Base the outfit on your basics. 2. Take risks: think bold colors and unusual textures. 3. Play with proportion. Still reluctant to break out of your usual uniform of black and denim? Start small with playful statement pieces like vintage belts and patterned scarves, and before you know it, you’ll be a mix master, too!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Buy beaded cardigans at thrift and vintage stores. They are pretty, comfy and inexpensive.”