STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mix and Match with a Dash of Thrash

When you want to look punk rock and motorcycle-chic, the first thing you go for is anything with leather. However, it’s hard to pair leather with anything other than dark jeans. With this outfit, you are able to make leather look great with light wash jeans.

Earlier, in the 1800s, denim was originally made to be worn by miners. The material was strong enough to be worn through the harsh conditions in the local mines. Denim is very versatile in that it goes with absolute everything. It has an array of washes, ranging from acid-wash to stone-wash. With denim, you can make it the star of the outfit or just a staple, to make the outfit look very casual. You can also dress up denim with cute little booties, as well as with sky high heels.

Leather has been around since the beginning of civilization. From the Paleolithic age to now, it has been used as clothing. Leather is versatile in that it instantly makes you look fierce. However, it is hard to make leather look feminine. With light wash jeans, you are able to play up on colors and look less hardcore.

This Fashionista’s look begins with many layers. She is wearing a leather jacket, light blue jeans and long black boots, which create a sleek outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to color coordinate well and have fun with the outfit. Color coordination is the key to having an great outfit, and it doesn’t have to be monochrome.”