College students today have all heard the term “basic.” My guess is that when it was used it had a negative connotation. Maybe you decided you needed a Frappuccino: basic. Maybe you were seen wearing UGGs: basic. Maybe you were caught taking a selfie: basic. First and foremost, I’m here to tell you to forget the haters and their petty insults and do whatever you want. Second, when it comes to fashion, basic isn’t such a bad thing. Minimalism is one of the most up and coming trends in fashion, and it just happens to be one of the easiest trends to replicate. So, forget your bias against basic and let this Fashionista show you basic in a whole new light.

Minimalism, in the fashion sense, is when you master the scale between “not enough” and “too much.” This Fashionista models it perfectly with her black and white ensemble. Black and white are great colors for minimalists because you can mix and match many different shirts, pants and dresses without ever overdoing it. Minimalist dressing is definitely an art, and simplicity is your best friend. No need for excessive jewels, outlandish silhouettes or bold colors; your impeccably styled neutrals will do just fine.

There are many ways to make minimalism look different, depending on your style. Minimalists can look boho, edgy or even sporty. This Fashionista displays minimalism with the perfect amount of sophistication. Her pencil skirt is the ideal foundation for her white perforated leather top. She then finishes off her outfit with some simple two-tone ankle strap heels.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A great outfit doesn’t need a crazy color scheme. Don’t be afraid of the basics!”