March 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Sneakers, especially slip-ons have had a strong presence in street style and they are here to stay. This spring, sneakers will be a great investment as they seem to be the “it” item this season. This Fashionisto is wearing a striking pair of metallic shoes by Céline. He tones down the rest of the look to let the shoes play the main character in the outfit. They are the most comfortable shoe choice after slippers and they come in all shapes, colors and materials. Choosing metallic sneakers this season is a great way to give the sneaker trend a twist and it also follows the example of big designer brands this season.

Chanel had metallic gloves, heels, belts and bags in their spring/summer fashion show this year. Also, Etro’s menswear spring summer show had an array of metallic tunics and suits. Even Phillip Plein’s show in Milan for spring/summer showcased men’s shoes with metal ornaments and metal spikes.

The metallic textile also makes the sneakers perfect for a day to night outfit. The metallic look dresses up accessories and gives them an edge. If you are looking for a more affordable sneaker option I recommend the adidas Originals which come in metallic fabrics and are customizable. Adidas sneakers will play a big role in this spring’s sneaker trend since models like Gigi Hadid have made them part of their everyday off-duty model look.

Both sneakers and metallics go well with an array of colors. Our Fashionisto’s choice is a gray palette. He wears a Moncler jacket, a leather pocket T-shirt by Sandro, a flat envelope-like Goyard bag and pants by UNIQLO, all in gray. You can also wear white, black, navy or beige and have the same effect on your outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think sneakers are a shoe choice that showcases the millennials preference for comfortable fashion that keeps up with our fast paced lives. They can really make an outfit! Don’t be afraid to play around with them and buy bold edgy brands.”