STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Men Cardigan Couture

In Virginia, Mother Nature is still holding onto the summer heat and not letting the fall breeze come through. Although it’s still hot out, there is no doubt that it is October and fall are here. That means it is officially time for fall fashion, the season that marks the primetime in the fashion industry. Fall is the season of statements, and those statements are usually made through accessories.

This Fashionisto accessorized his all-black ensemble with a trendy cardigan embellished in tribal stitching. His cardigan set the tone for his whole outfit. Even though his outfit was simple and all-black, he still managed to have small style elements in his look. The longline black T-shirt covered by the cardigan has zippers on the side and falls long enough to balance the cardigan out.

With a statement cardigan like the one photographed, this Fashionisto only needed minimal accessories. With classic round sunglasses and layered gold chains, he kept the details small, while letting the cardigan do all of the talking.

There was no better way to complete this outfit than pairing his cardigan with black pants and black dress shoes. On a fall day this is an ideal men’s fashion look, a monochrome look with a different element that gives your outfit a reason to be seen.

This Fashionisto stressed that attitude is everything in fashion, and without even opening his mouth it is clear to see that outfit speaks for itself. Fall allows Fashionistas/os truly express who they are through special elements of an outfit. This outfit is the true epitome of what it means to express yourself through clothing and let your style speak for itself. Fall is just beginning and the expression through clothing will only be better as the weather gets cooler.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make sure your outfit makes a statement. Your attitude speaks through your style, and your attitude and poise is everything.”