An outfit that combines comfort and style is perfect for a day filled with going to class and studying in the library. Maxi skirts, in particular, fit this bill. If you wear a dress or a skirt, it always looks like you tried a little harder in comparison to wearing shorts or pants.

This Fashionista is rocking a taupe knit maxi skirt. The fact that the maxi skirt is knit makes it even more comfortable. Knit maxi skirts tend to be cut closer to the body, since they are stretchy, which makes them more slimming. Maxi skirts, as opposed to mini skirts, are so easy to wear because you do not have to worry about the length or about them blowing up in the wind as you walk to class.

She keeps this outfit simple, pairing her maxi skirt with a plum tank top and an olive cardigan. The earth tones of her clothing all complement each other nicely, without being too loud or looking disoriented. She really creates a boho vibe to her outfit through her accessories. Her basic tan sandals will match with a variety of outfits. The colorful beading and black braided strand of her necklace catch your eye and bring more attention to the silver charm hanging from her necklace. She finishes her look off with a couple of silver statement rings. By keeping the accessories to a minimum, no aspect of this outfit is too overbearing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not be afraid to combine a variety of different colors in your outfit. By keeping the tone of all the colors similar, your outfit will look cohesive.”