This question is for all the stylish gentlemen out there: have you ever found yourself wanting to mix and match patterns but you weren’t sure how? Well, this classy Fashionisto has got it down to an art.

No one wants to look boring and lackluster with solid button-downs and a simple pair of jeans. This Fashionisto paired his gray and red plaid flannel with a gray knit Vineyard Vines sweater. The elbow patches on his sweater are a nice, traditional touch and make for a well-groomed look. My absolute favorite part of his outfit is the flannel-lined pants from J.Crew. These pants are fashionable, yet functional, due to the warmth they provide and their stylish pattern. The polka-dot pattern is a must if you are going for a preppy look. This Fashionisto topped it all off with a warm J.Crew jacket paired with a plaid scarf.

Mixing patterns is easy to accomplish if you keep a couple things in mind. First of all, you do not want to mix too many patterns. For example, if you mix stripes, polka-dots, plaid and checkered prints, your outfit will look too busy. Keep it simple by only mixing a couple patterns, like this Fashionisto did. Another tip is that you should only wear a couple patterned pieces at a time. Again, wearing multiple designs in one outfit will not look flattering or sophisticated. Make sure you choose prints that fit your personal style and make you feel comfortable. I challenge you to try it out. Be creative, mix and match your own patterns and see what you come up with!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Put the time and effort into making yourself look sophisticated and well-dressed. Most of us guys usually don’t care what we look like, but if you take time to experiment with different looks, you’ll be satisfied with the results.”