Everyone is always searching for new ways to look unique and stand out in a crowd. Not only is this something young adults struggle with in their education and career but also in the finer details of their lives, such as their fashion choices. If you think about trends, it is quite hard to make them unique since they are so popular and prevalent. Fashionistas/os take these trends and add a twist to them to differentiate themselves. A recurring trend that is effortless and classic is personalized jewelry, whether it be your full name on a necklace, initial rings or a pair of monogrammed Converse. My favorite is jewelry with coordinates engraved on them. This Fashionista caught my eye with all the little personal details and unique accessories.

From head to toe this Fashionista was able to put together a look that was completely true to herself. Her relaxed personality shows through with her printed leggings and T-shirt. The reason this whole look works is because she’s comfortable in her look. This Fashionista is wearing every piece for her own appreciation. To start, she wore a necklace with her first name, which is unique in its own right. To keep with the traditional feel she wore a thick monogrammed ring. Both of these are examples of classic ways to personalize your everyday outfits. Now this Fashionista doesn’t stand out just for her monograms but also for her stacks of bracelets, studded sneakers, funky backpack and witty T-shirt.

I love how this Fashionista’s sneakers aren’t just tackling the stud trend but also have pearls added in. Find a backpack or purse that you find aesthetically pleasing and that you know you would actually wear everyday. Get out of your comfort zone with this mixed animal print backpack or a square satchel backpack!  Keep your wrists simple with a favorite watch or choose some random bracelets for a unfinished look. Being unique is simple because all you have to do is be yourself.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Accessories make an outfit so don’t be shy when choosing them!”