Out here in the Midwest, it’s that awkward time period between winter and summer also known as spring. Many days the temperature will be warm enough we don’t have to wear a winter jacket but it’s too cold to just wear a thin cardigan. Every year, it’s always a struggle of mine to figure out what to wear on days like these and I’m sure many other people have the same dilemma.

This Fashionista is sitting pretty in this trendy outfit. My absolute favorite part of this look is the hat (insert heart eye emoji here)! I’ve been shamelessly in love with these kinds of hats lately and when one was added onto this outfit, it made me love them even more (if that’s possible). I’m just obsessed with how it instantly makes your outfit more chic and fashionable. Whenever I wear these hats, I feel so trendy and like I could take on the world as my runway. They give whoever is wearing it an air of mysteriousness and coolness. I can’t get enough of these hats and can’t wait to see more of them.

With a jacket like this that’s not too heavy, this Fashionista can stay the perfect temperature whether she’s inside or walking around outside. If it does happen to be one of those warmer days, the jacket can always come off or be tied around the waist! I thought the necklace paired with this striped T-shirt added the perfect amount of edge that this outfit needed. It glams up the outfit a little and makes the look visually interesting. The striped T-shirt makes the outfit more detailed alone but when paired with the triangle necklace it just makes the whole outfit look more put together. I love these pieces together paired with the black skinny jeans and booties. Classic black jeans and heeled booties can never steer you wrong even when paired with the simplest pieces.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “There are no rules to fashion. If you think you look good, you prove it and rock what you’re wearing. Take chances and risks and you will look and feel the best you ever have.”