With February ending and March creeping up on us, Chicago Fashionistas are clearly incredibly hopeful that spring is coming and the snow is leaving us! Unfortunately, 40 degree weather and a sunny day is the closet we’ll get to that any time soon thanks to Mother Nature. Though, such 40-degree weather does afford us the luxury of wearing fewer layers and fall boots!

What first caught my eye about this Fashionista was her confidence and how she carried herself like she owned the whole street. As someone once said, “the best accessory a girl could ever wear is confidence.” That person wasn’t lying! An outfit will become so much more noticeable if you’re proud of it and that obviously applies to this Fashionista!

Besides her confidence, she pulled off some awesome pants not too many others would be able to. She rocked black crushed velvet joggers from an Urban Outfitters Surplus store near campus (what a find!). Joggers are a big trend right now, for both women and men, but the element of crushed velvet adds some texture and an unexpected aspect to your ensemble. This Fashionista paired the fun pants with a classic, black and red lumberjack flannel to keep her warm. To finish off the look, she wore brown combat boots to add to the edginess of the look and added some copper-toned gold jewelry.

If you’re trying to get this Fashionista’s look but want to stay a bit within your comfort zone, try wearing crushed velvet joggers more casually and comfortably. Wear these ones with a graphic T-shirt that has this appropriate saying! An outfit like this would be perfect for studying in the library or lounging around the house.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is key, but accessories can never really hurt your outfit!”