April 27th, 2016 at 2:00am

With Coachella 2016 having started April 15, it is only right to talk about festival fashion. When you think of Coachella, you think of fringe, crop tops, dresses, booties, etc. One of the main staple pieces I think of when I hear festival fashion is maxi skirts.

When thinking of this trend, I think of a classic staple piece that has evolved over the years, from the 19th century when maxi skirts were worn over bustles, to today where maxi skirts have high slits or fringe incorporated into them. Maxi skirts are very easy to dress up or even dress down. They are an article of clothing that can be worn at anytime of the day and/or any occasion. Lately, maxi skirts have been a popular outfit choice of many celebrities or supermodels at festivals like Coachella. This year, H&M came out with a collection called H&M Loves Coachella. H&M will have a pop-up show on festival grounds and selling its festival collection. H&M is not the only retailer who created festival collections, Forever 21 and Lincoln Foundation also have also created festival collections for events like Coachella.

So now, how does one incorporate festival fashion into an everyday outfit? This Fashionista is rocking a Forever 21 festival look, from their festival clothing line. She paired the Contemporary M-Slit mauve maxi skirt with a ivory lace up crop top. I like how she paired a dressier skirt with a casual lace-up crop top to give this outfit a casual feel. To finish off the look, this Fashionista paired the outfit with a cropped jean jacket and strappy Steve Madden sandals. The cropped jean jacket pulls this look together to take this outfit from festival wear to everyday wear. Finally, this Fashionista accessorized the look and brought a bohemian vibe to the outfit with a set of gold and mauve beaded bangles.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice when it comes to maxi skirts is to get a solid color skirt. This way makes it is easier to dress your outfit up or down, and you can wear the skirt for any occasion.”