If you think like me, then there is no question that a good leopard print is a classic staple in any good wardrobe. However, boldness is best in moderation and this Fashionista masters the long term trend in a chic, city-girl way.

Traditionally, black and brown compose this pattern, which makes it a perfect addition to nearly any ensemble. Along with many other Fashionistas, I would consider this print a neutral, so naturally it will tie in seamlessly with all your favorite springtime colors. I’ve seen this print making an appearance season after season and although this print is plastered on just about every type of apparel, I personally prefer it in smaller doses. A fabulous clutch, a cute pair of shades or a fresh pair of slip-ons like this Fashionista rocks, are just right! In this case, less is more.

This Fashionista sports the perfects balance in her look, by sticking with softer solid colors in her clothes, and making the bold patterned kicks the star of the show. When in doubt when trying to incorporate leopard into an outfit for an everyday look, stick with solid colors. However, I personally love mixing prints and I think black and white stripes, or a classic plaid look amazing with a bit of leopard tucked into the ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Simplicity, versatility, and comfort are my key concepts when putting together an outfit. When I wear my leopard slip-ons I like to keep the rest of the outfit more minimal so I don’t look like a clown”