While it is technically spring, it doesn’t quite feel like it here on the East Coast. We are currently in the midst of the early April winds. The trickiest part about dressing for this time of year is that we must transition our clothing to appear less wintery, while still keeping warm. The key to mastering this look is layers, layers and more layers. I found a Fashionista who perfected the casual-cool layered vibe. The Fashionista juxtaposed a variety of pieces in an extremely creative way.

She started off with a few basic pieces: a relaxed striped shirt and a pair of olive skinny jeans. She then smartly layered an open plaid button-down over top. The button-down is gray, blue and white, which mixed well with the black and white striped shirt. The key to mixing is making sure the two pieces have at least one color in common.

On top of the plaid shirt, the Fashionista added yet another layer: a pumpkin-colored cardigan. Although the cardigan did not necessarily match with the other colors in the outfit, it provided a refreshing contrast to all of the cool tones in her look.

The final topper to the Fashionista’s look was a denim jacket. This undeniable classic added that extra bit of warmth that she needed while walking to class.

While her look contained mostly traditional pieces, the Fashionista made it more personal with some unique accessories. She mixed metals by layering a gold and a bronze necklace, complete with dreamlike stones. She also sported a pair of kooky green snakeskin sunglasses that coordinated with her jeans. She grounded her look with a pair of simple black leather booties: a universal way to polish off any outfit.

Overall, this Fashionista combined many pieces that might be simple and classic on their own, but together appeared eclectic and different. Between her layers, jewelry and sunglasses, she achieved a casual yet offbeat vibe that seemed effortlessly cool.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I try to layer as much as possible to keep warm.”