Throughout history, many different philosophers have developed theories to explain the physical world. To name a few of those theories, there was the “Big Bang Theory,” the “Theory of General Relativity” and the “Heliocentric Theory.” Just as the physical world can be explained through theories, so can the world of fashion. There are five adoption theories of fashion. One of which basically states that fashion extremes cause reversal.

For most of the years that I have been interested in fashion, the style has always been skintight. Popular stores have only carried for many years: skintight jeans, skintight mini skirts and skintight leggings; you get the picture. However, the days of painting on your skinny jeans appear to be numbered, my friends. This particular Fashionista stood out to me with her baggy cuffed light-washed jeans. The jeans have a ’90s look to them, with the light wash and purposeful rips. In keeping with the theme of the jeans, this Fashionista is wearing a beaten up pair of white converse. Although this look appears to be grunge, the light pink cowl neck sweater brings a feminine aspect into the outfit. The light colors exhibited in this outfit make for the perfect transition from winter into spring.

Around campus, students seem to be sick and tired of their skinny jeans. Loose fitting jeans are making a comeback now, and in a huge way. The skintight clothing error has come to its final chapter. Not to worry, though! According to the fashion adoption theories, skintight clothing should find its way back into fashion in a few short years.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always wear what you want to wear. Never go by what’s popular. Be your own person and develop your own style.”