It’s been almost a month since the first official day of spring and the weather is finally starting to catch up. After going through a long, cold winter wearing fleece-lined leggings and turtlenecks, everyone in Wisconsin is anxious to break out their shorts and tank tops. One of my favorite parts about spring clothing is the bright colors you can pull out from the backs of your closets. This Fashionista is a perfect example of incorporating bright colors into your clothing and accessories.

This Fashionista’s casual street style was obviously inspired by spring. She rocked a lilac tank top with a scoop neck and a pair of white shorts, a must-have for the summer months. Her purse and sandals are black, giving the bright outfit a little bit of depth. My favorite part of her outfit are her purple ombré sunglasses. When I commented on them, she told me they make her feel like John Lennon. They match both her tank top and her other accessories, tying the whole look together seamlessly.

Nothing says spring like bright colors. If you’re an “all-black everything” kind of girl, take the plunge and add some brights into your life! Start with a pastel tank top and a pair of white shorts like this Fashionista. Accessorize with some John Lennon-esque ombré sunnies. By wearing pastel-colored shades, you will literally be looking on the bright side of spring.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Living in a state that is buried in winter half the year, I sometimes forget that warm weather exists. Keep a few bright-colored looks ready in your closet for when the first 70-degree day hits in April!”