As much as I love summer, I love the fall more, and for one main reason: layering. Layering, in my opinion, is one of the key components of a great outfit. Now that we are able to wear sweaters and jeans without suffering from heatstroke, one can combine colors, shapes, styles and textures to create thousands of new and interesting outfits. Layering not only has its fashion purposes, but it also serves great functionality; with layering one can easily adjust to the varying temperatures by simply removing or adding on an item or two.

This Fashionisto, inspired by the current trend of longline shirts and ripped skinny jeans, used the trend to create the basis of this outfit. On top, he threw on an olive bomber and a simple necklace he had to break up the empty white space and enhance the top half with more detail. The olive bomber helps to give the Fashionisto shape where the longline tee usually blends the lines all while mixing in another color to elevate the outfit and match the fall spirit. For the bottom half, the Fashionisto chose some beautiful and crisp white adidas NMDs to match the white longline tee and to provide contrast to the deep black skinny jeans. The strong contrast allows both the white NMDs and the black jeans to pop and draw the viewer’s attention. In addition, the Fashionisto rolled up the jeans two times to give the jeans a tighter and more tapered look and in turn causing his shoes to stand out even more. As a final touch, he threw on his Daniel Wellington watch with a tan leather strap. The watch fits the style but also gives a classier feel to the outfit which helps blurs the line between streetwear and classic menswear.

One of my top tips for assembling outfits is to understand how colors work together. The colors, hues, tones, shades of an outfit are critical; if the colors clash and do not complement or match one another, it can be offensive to the eyes. The use of neutrals, like the white and black pieces in this outfit, allow the olive bomber to stand out and be a key piece in the composition. Neutrals, in my opinion, are one of the best places to start when creating an outfit. The next piece of advice I can offer is to try to always accessorize. A simple thing such as a necklace and a watch or a bracelet can provide complexity to the look and separate a look from the simple everyday outfits to the full-fledged stylish look. My final piece of advice is to try and experiment with mixing different styles and trends. The addition of the Fashionisto’s DW watch to an otherwise Kanye-esque outfit makes the outfit stand out and become a unique combination of items.