Lace is an ethereal fabric that has an effortless feminine flair. Like chiffon or tulle, it is a delicate fabric, and more so in a soft shade of white or ivory. Previously simply reserved for wedding garb, white lace can now be worn in a refreshingly modern manner.

This Fashionista is dressed for the warm beach holiday weather. She is wearing a white lace tank top layered over a camisole, paired with black jeans and black wedges to up her cool girl factor. Her look is comfortable, and still flirty. SInce white lace screams femininity by itself, it’s the ideal piece to pair with other girly items to formulate a saccharine sweet ensemble. Wearing a white lace top with an A-line or circle skirt in a pastel color like mint green, peach or lavender hits the nail right on the head. But it works just as well contrasted with something slightly tougher, like a leather jacket or ripped jeans to concoct an outfit that is equal parts sweet and sassy.

This sheer ivory top with an open back is bold and would pair extremely well with a pair of denim cutoff shorts for a cheeky look, or under denim overalls for enough coverage. White lace pants aren’t the most conventional choice, but these pants are so luxuriously bohemian, and would be perfect if worn at a music festival. This flowy confection is bright, extremely stylish and very cool.

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Freshness! Keeping the makeup and accessories simple and invigorating allows the lace to shine.”