STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Light Colors and Layering

New trends blossom when spring comes around. Light colors, detailed jeans and low sneakers are some of the popular styles to add to your spring collection. Which are you willing to add to your closet this season?

After a long winter full of dark colors and heavy coats, this Fashionista knows how to pull off the perfect spring look. She decided to rock a beautiful pair of light-wash blue jeans with patchwork detail around the knee. The patched detailing is cool because the wash of the patches is a darker shade of blue than the rest of the pants coloring.

Layering for a windy but warmer day, this Fashionista layered a gray tank top and sweater from Urban Outfitters. I love how the slightly darker gray-colored tank top hugs right around her neck creating a unique and contrasting look.

For accessories, this Fashionista kept it simple to go with her simple yet stylish look. Being smart, she decided to wear the oh-so-popular adidas Originals white sneakers with black detailing. The sneaker style of the season is a trainer so this Fashionista knew just how to rock the popular sneaker for a great price. Designers such as Valentino have created similar sneakers for their spring collections. This Fashionista did not stop there; she also decided to rock a pair of vintage shades from a small boutique in the Boston area. The clear-colored shades go perfectly with her light-colored accessories, including a David Yurman ring and Fossil watch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles! Sometimes a chic high-neck tank top with a casual sweater, a feminine hairstyle and sneakers all work together!”