As we march forward through the 21st century, a new sense of minimalism is occurring in fashion. It is a daunting prospect: how do I make simple clothes not look boring? Although it looks easy, minimalism is hard to pull off. It is all about the details and picking modern, flattering shapes. A grayscale wardrobe can be the pinnacle to chicness, even in a warm state. Who says Floridians have to be sporting flamingo colored garbs and short shorts? With some simple pieces and strategic outfit coordination, one can achieve “Fashion: Level 100.”

Go for light fabrics that will counteract the heat. Rolling up a pair of classic black trousers in a loose fit adds a casual, yet sleek twist to daytime bottoms. The great part about this Fashionista’s duster jacket is that it is made out of a lightweight crepe de Chine fabric—ideal for the warmer months. A tight, black crop top has become the wardrobe staple of many for its ease and edgy qualities. All of these pieces are ultimate in versatility and high in style when worn together.

Black and red is a powerful combination. A soft red lip ties this Fashionista’s look together into a sophisticated package. A pair of oversized sunglasses will keep them guessing—like Anna Wintour in the front row at Fashion Week. A sleek, straight hairdo will add continuity to the simple, modern aesthetic. It is no secret that Birkenstocks have become a big name in trendy footwear lately. They used to have a middle-aged dad connotation, but this Fashionista was able to convince me that they are the new chic.

Although we may find ourselves attracted to clothes with bold patterns and colors, it is in the simplicity that we find the most rewarding style. While it may sound ironic, minimalism turns heads. Chic means sleek, and simplicity looks effortless. The old saying holds true: sometimes less is more.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’ll have to quote my bae A$AP Rocky. ‘Let’s take it to the basics’ has been my mentality as of late when I’m trying to figure out what to wear. It’s pretty hard to make basics look bad.”