STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lessons From a ‘90s Kid

Fashion devotees, today I want to focus on one of my favorite decades of fashion: the ‘90s. Overalls, platform sneakers, scrunchies, denim skirts and mini backpacks are just a handful of trends from the ‘90s that are perfect editions to your soon-to-be summer wardrobe. The ‘90s are boomeranging back into our lives, and I, for one, am thrilled to embrace the trends that I could not sport as a toddler. It is time to break out your old slap bracelets and stretch tattoo chokers!

This Fashionista is rocking a timeless, oversized denim jacket. She scored this jacket in a thrift shop in New York City. If you are not as lucky in your thrift store searches, a similar denim jacket can be found at Topshop. The striped T-shirt that this Fashionista is wearing has been tied and transformed into a ‘90s-inspired crop-top and paired with high-waisted ripped jeans. I am sure the Spice Girls would be proud of the scrunchie that accessorizes her wrist! Topping off this look is a mini, black backpack with fringe tassels. For those of you who want this exact backpack, this Fashionista found her vegan leather bag at Urban Outfitters.

Stark-white Keds of the ‘90s have evolved into white adidas sneakers with black accents. What is my study abroad realization of the month? EVERYWHERE you look in Europe people are wearing adidas sneakers. I can always count on spotting these sneakers on the feet of trendy 20-somethings no matter what language they are speaking. Paired with yoga pants and a tank, a skater skirt and blouse or distressed denim and a T-shirt, these shoes will be a diverse staple in your wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Buy black ripped jeans if you don’t already have some. I wear these jeans more than any other article of clothing in my closet. They can be dressed up to go out at night, or dressed down and casually worn to class like I’m doing right now. I’ve also seen a lot of women wearing patterned tights under their ripped jeans while I’ve been here in Italy.”