Wide leg pants have been such a dominant trend recently. It seems that with each season that comes these loose flowing styles are making more and more of a statement. Besides joggers, harem pants and culottes, palazzo pants are a great style when trying to deviate away from leggings and skinny jeans.

Palazzo pants possess great versatility and come in a wide range of colors and styles! I have been finding them at virtually every retailer this season; definitely a trend of the moment. While they can be worn on those cooler days, they are still wearable into the summer since they breathe so well. I am a big fan of solids, but the print on this Fashionista is too good to pass up. I love how she tailored her other pieces to complement the pants so that they acted as the focal piece of her ensemble.

Her blue embroidered top impeccably matched the vibrant blue in the pants and really brought out the colors. Pairing these elements with a leather jacket gives this look a fierce edge and a very fashion-forward vibe. Adding leather to any outfit is such a great way to mix up your look by adding a new texture of fabric! Better yet, try experimenting with different colors of leather. This Fashionista opted to keep the accessories simple, further emphasizing the pants. With a look that transitions so well from spring to summer to fall, palazzo pants are a smart addition to any wardrobe!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Remember that ‘less is more’ applies to clothes as well, not just accessories. A simple way to make a fantastic outfit is to pick one statement piece, whether it be pants, a top, shoes or an accessory, and use basic garments to highlight that special piece.”