When picking an outfit for those colder autumn days, it can be difficult choosing between your favorite hoodie and a warm winter jacket. This Fashionisto decided to wear both, layering them effortlessly. Neutrals will always be a go-to choice, but in 2016, nudes are especially everywhere.

Layering is key! Not only does layering add dimensions to an outfit, it keeps you warm, which is much needed in the coming winter months. This Fashionisto started his cool look with vintage, destroyed jeans. Underneath his jeans is a pair of athletic tights. Thinking outside of the box can be good—don’t be afraid to use articles of clothing you wouldn’t normally think could function differently.

He then paired with his jeans a basic beige crewneck from Hanes. Remember, basics are always in and Hanes is a good brand that always offers comfort and affordability. The long wool coat is the final layer of warmth needed. This London Fog pea coat is the statement piece and can be found at Macy’s. This type of coat would normally be used for formal wear, but its color makes it easy to pair with jeans and dress down casually.

The long white T-shirt neutralizes the beige tones and keeps the look vibrant. Typically. an undershirt would be tucked in, or simply hidden; however, by letting it hang out, you’re offering a sense of originality.

The perfectly matching green beanie and Sk8-hi Vans combo instantly grab your attention, drawing the eye from head to toe. Hats are a crucial element in this outfit.

This Fashionisto pulls off a stylish look by bringing together an array of trends and colors. From distressed denim with formal wool coats to shades of beige clashing with vibrant greens, this outfit offers a touch of spring in the fall and layering is accomplished.