Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Short necklaces like chokers, long necklaces that go toward your stomach or the mid-length necklaces, what is a girl supposed to choose? Well, layered necklaces are best in order to mix and match and illustrate personality in the outfit. The only thing is, do you know how to style layered necklaces into your outfits?

This Fashionista wore a white embroidered tank top, loose black shorts, a long beige fringe cardigan, a layered cross and pendant necklaces and black heels. Her white tank top went well with her tan skin and her black shorts contrasted her top so that the embroidery stood out more. She wore matching black heels and the fringe on her long beige cardigan showed some of her attitude and how carefree she felt that day even though it was a little chilly. The part of her outfit that stood out the most was the layered necklaces. The long silver pendant necklace was the main statement piece and the silver cross was on her neckline. It made the outfit look put together and was a nice touch of detail added to the black and white colors.

She incorporated the necklaces seamlessly into her outfit. Feel free to mix golds and silvers when putting layered necklaces into your outfit, and do not be afraid to try something new. It works best with whatever your style may be, so show your personality with the necklaces that work best for you.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like small, intricate pieces and large statement pieces for jewelry. Do not be afraid to put a large accessory with a small one because it does not overpower it.”