December 30th, 2015 at 11:29am

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching and students have been cramming left and right, pulling all-nighters and guzzling down record-breaking amounts of coffee. The library has been packed with kids wrapped in blankets, headphones jammed in and blasting music to drive themselves through the last thousand words of their final papers. Having just survived his own “Hell Week,” this Fashionisto has been ready to translate his finals survival playlist into his wardrobe as he kick starts Winter Break.

2015 has definitely been a year for amazing new music, with critically acclaimed album releases from Adele to The Weeknd. Our Fashionisto’s own most anticipated list had Kanye West sitting at first place, one of his personal inspirations. This year, West released his first clothing line, a dystopian themed sportswear collection, designed in partnership with adidas. ‘The Yeezy Collection’ focused on a neutral palette and simple, slouchy lines for a relaxed fit that kept a slightly militaristic feel. In line with this concept, our Fashionisto made sure to stick to Kanye’s palette when picking out pieces for his outfit. He used closet basics as a foundations, topping a pair of distressed H&M slim jeans with a Killion Khaki T-shirt layered under an American Apparel drop shoulder sweater. Our Fashionisto’s olive bomber jacket creates a flash of personality with its bright orange lining. Metallic accessories, like his Fossil watch and gold chain, keep him from completely blending into the trees. To cap off his outfit, our Fashionisto tossed on a black hat and stepped into his British Khaki Nike boots, ready to step off campus.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Simplicity is key.”