Spring is everywhere and besides the weather being nice, the flowers and trees are blooming. As the spring months are here, trends are starting. One trend that has been around for a long time is lace, which has been popular even during the winter months but is now worn differently. Lace is a very versatile and can be worn with so many things and combined with a lot of different pieces. Lace comes in many colors and can be a very nice addition to any outfit and can change the dynamic of the outfit.

In this outfit, the lace comes in a form of a vest and is worn on top of a blue shirt. The two colors go very well together and contrast each other very nicely. The benefit of having a black or neutral-colored lace is that you can combine it with a lot of colors. With this vest, you can combine it with bright colors to create a lot of contrast between the lace and the shirt, which also creates attention. A darker color does not create a lot of contrast between the two and it is more subtle.

Another piece of the outfit is the jeans; they go perfectly with the shirt and the black color of the lace. The colors of the jeans and shirt are both blue but different shades of blues and the black lace does a great job of combining all of these pieces together. Another item of the outfit is the necklace, which is one of the pieces that really stand out in contrast with the shirt and the lace. The contrast that it creates really pops out and makes the shirt and lace stand out even more as individual pieces. If your look is lacking something, adding lace can really change the look and give it more edge.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear colors that are monochromatic for a subtle look.”