This Fashionista seems to have a spring in her step. Maybe it’s her new kicks or the fact that the sun’s finally out for good? Either way, she’s ready to relax and enjoy the last few days of class in style.

This Fashionista knows that fashion is all about expressing yourself, and she doesn’t shy away from that. Her shades and her sneakers are big fashion throw backs that have made a revival in the past season. She joins these bigger accessories with smaller touches of black and gold jewelry, like her necklace. The fabrics of her clothes are so light and airy and embody her free spirit. Although I love the texture combo of her linen skirt (complete with a tie around the waist and buttons) and her knit top, I mostly appreciate how she incorporates many different neutrals into her ensemble using her shoes. The black and white of her sneakers pull her whole outfit together for a neat look.

Overall, this Fashionista is doing spring right one step at a time. Time to take her advice, kick back and play around with fashion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ” I love my New Balance sneakers because they are light and simple. They go with a lot, even skirts! Instead of throwing on your favorite pair of flats with a skirt or a dress, maybe try a pair of these shoes. They are perfect for walking around campus and I don’t have to be dressed for the gym to pull them off.”