April 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Ever wonder how some people just look so put together all the time in simple and casual pieces? Good, because I constantly wonder the same thing! As a study abroad student, it seems as though the common day to day look, worn by both stylish Fashionistas alike, is just that: simple but casual.

However, the roll-out-of-bed look isn’t just reserved for just a few impeccably stylish people. The casual look is hard to master, no doubt, but with a few simple steps, any Fashionista can achieve the effortless look.

While in Morocco on a school trip, I managed to snap a few pictures of this Fashionista who always looks super put together. Her go-to ensemble is a basic T-shirt paired with fun, distressed jeans and orange-tinted Ray-Ban sunglasses. As spring and summer come our way, shorts can definitely be substituted in this look; however, this look can be rocked during any season. These basics can be transformed, as they can be mixed and matched. With a simple denim jacket or a stylish puff jacket, this outfit can be worn in colder climates, as well.

For a fun twist, this Fashionista tucked her top halfway into her jeans and let her shirt wrap around the button of her jeans—such a unique and personal touch to her look!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Neutrals. Wear neutrals; they are the best. Choose core neutral pieces and then add little pops of color like I did in this outfit. Embrace being young and fabulous!”