It can be hard to keep up with all of the latest trends. Sometimes it seems like as soon as you buy into one, another has taken its place! A good investment, though, is a trendy coat.

The best thing about a coat is that it’s a staple item, so there will always be a use for it no matter what the trends are for the season. One of the most classic and eye-catching combinations is black and white. An easy way to add a little edge to your look is to mix black and gray. By choosing such versatile colors, the trend piece is more likely to stay in style.

I love the effortlessly cool look of this Fashionista’s coat! Her outfit is minimal, but incredibly stylish. Her gray coat is long and loose with striking leather sleeves and a long black zipper up the front. Although the coat is interesting and on-trend, it’s classic colors and straightforward layering quality makes it comfortable and easy to wear. She pairs the coat with some slim black pants and black high heel boots. Her coat is such a low-key stand out piece that it pairs well with her little pops of color like her deep purple bag. The open collar of her coat reveals a beautiful statement necklace of orange and light blue.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think that whatever you are wearing you should feel comfortable in. There are so many trends—I don’t follow any of them—and if you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, then why wear it? Be true to who you are.”